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Event Check-in & FAQ

How to enter Time Warp

Your checklist to enter Time Warp:

Please read this carefully.
  • Bring a mask
  • Bring your tickets (printed out or on your phone)
  • Download the Luca App and have your phone charged
  • Bring your proof of vaccination or proof of recovery
  • Bring a photo id

If you are missing one of the above, access will be denied!

To speed up your immunization check please load your vaccination or recovery certificate to your cell phone. You should use the CovPass or Corona alert app for this.

You must have a valid proof of immunization in the form of an EU Digital Covid Certificate (EU), an NHS Covid Pass (UK) or the WHO yellow card (rest of the world).

If you are having trouble with Luca App because you are travelling from abroad, please reach out to our Staff in the check-in area. They will help you!

Important Information

  • Items NOT allowed inside the venue
    • Drugs of any kind
    • Weapons of any kind will immediately be reported to the police
    • Drinks and food
    • Big bags, backpacks and trolleys
    • Containers with liquids (e.g. parfum, bodylotion, nailpolish remover) are not allowed on the festival site and will be immediately disposed
    • Weapons not listed by law, yet dangerous (kitchen or pocket knives, etc)
    • Professional photo or video equipment
    • Medicine in unusual amounts
    • Fireworks or pyrotechnic articles
    • Glas roll-ons (deodorant); (can't be stored, please keep them at home)
    • Markers, permanent marker, felt pens(excluding make up pens)
    • Animals in general, excluding guide dogs
    • Aerosol cans (can't be stored, please keep them at home)
    • Inflammable substances (E-cigarettes are allowed)
    • Articles hazardous to health (exception: standard pocket lighters)
    • Sharp items
    • Selfie sticks
  • Are lockers available?

    Lockers are available at the festival site.

    Worried about losing your belongings on the dance floor? We've got you covered.

    Two different sizes (small & large) are available.

    If you bought a locker in the pre-sale your locker information will send on the date of the event.

    So Friday Lockers on Friday Morning and Saturday Lockers on Saturday Morning.

  • Traveling from outside the EU

    In Germany there are strict regulations for admission with proof of vaccination. Only vaccines from AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and BioNTech are legally accepted. As a traveler, you are required to proactively verify this information. If you have been vaccinated with any other vaccine please do not begin your trip as you will be denied entry.

    If your vaccination certificate or recovery certificate is not written in the Latin writing system we have set up an extra gate to check your documents. Arabic scripts, Greek script, Asian scripts, or any other non-Latin scripts cannot pass through the regular entrance, as our staff cannot easily read these documents and the examination process will be held up. The extra gate for checking your documents is marked with an orange flag.

    The following information must be present on your vaccination certificate: Your name, date(s) of vaccination(s), and vaccine used.

    The following information must be present on your recovery certificate: Your name, date of positive PCR result and the test method (PCR). Self-tests will not be accepted.

    If any of this important information is not present on your documents, admission will be denied.

  • Event Location

    Maimarkthalle Mannheim
    Xaver-Fuhr-Straße 101
    68163 Mannheim

  • Event Times

    Friday 29th 20:00 bis 08:00
    Saturday 30th 21:00 bis 09:00

    Since on the night of October 30 the time change to winter time will take place, the event will end at 09:00. This corresponds to 08:00 daylight saving time.

  • Minimum Age

    Admission is only granted 18 or older. There are NO exceptions. Expect ID checks at the entrance.

  • Re entry

    Due to safety regulations there will be no re entry.

  • Is there free entry for the escort of severely disabled guests?

    The entrance for the escorting person of visitors who are in a wheel chair or carry a severely handicapped pass is free. Please note that most areas, like VIP-Area or Stages, aren't unhampered by barriers and can't be accessed by wheel chairs. Due to this and the heavy security regulations, we can't sell VIP-Tickets to visitors who need a wheel chair.

  • Will there be a wardrobe?

    Like every year, we will offer you Lockerboxes on the festival site, where you can lock your stuff against a small fee + deposit and have access to it anytime.

  • Is it possible to smoke on the festival ground?

    Smoking is allowed outdoors on the venue, but not inside the halls or tents.

  • Don't drink and drive

    Please leave your car at home, if you're going to drink alcohol!! You can use the public transport services for free with the Time Warp Ticket inside the VRN & RMV Area. You will find more detailed information in our travel section.

    Please stay away from drugs. We want to have a "clean" party! Show responsibility, towards yourself, your fellowmen und your environment. Drugs may affect your health in a negative way, besides that there will be controls at the access roads, the entry and on the whole area. There is no safe way to take drugs!

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