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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the houserules?

    1. Scope of the House Rules

    a. The House Rules apply to anyone attending an event of Monupop GmbH, Prinzenallee 7, 40549 Düsselsdorf, Germany (referred to hereafter as the Organizer) or entering the event site used by the Organizer, including car parks and routes to the event location.

    b. By purchasing a ticket to the event (purchase agreement with a third-party vendor), you recognize the validity of these House Rules. The same applies if you enter the event site in other cases.

    c. The authority over the premises lies with the Organizer. The hired security staff are authorized to exercise and enforce the House Rules, in particular ejecting and escorting persons from the premises in accordance with these House Rules or the legal regulations.

    2. Conditions of Entry

    a. Entry will only be permitted upon presentation of a valid and original event ticket and only if you fulfil these conditions of entry.

    b. You consent to a search of your clothing and any bags and containers you have brought with you.

    c. The Organizer/the security staff are authorized to demand appropriate proof of identification (e.g. ID card, passport) to verify your age.

    d. The Organizer can refuse entry if:

    (1) you refuse a search of your clothing, utensils or containers,

    (2) you do not possess a valid event ticket,

    (3) you refuse to show valid identification when asked to prove your age,

    (4) you are evidently under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances,

    (5) you are carrying any weapons or other prohibited items,

    (6) you are barred from the premises,

    (7) you evidently intend to disrupt the event, engage in or incite violence,

    (8) you have been observed, prior to entry, making racist, hateful, xenophobic or sexual statements in word, image or behavior, or if you evidently intend to make such statements,

    (9) you evidently intend to violate the House Rules in any other way.

    e. In this case you will not be entitled to a refund of the ticket price.

    3. During the Event

    a. You must behave in a manner that does not harm, endanger or aggravate the Organizer, other guests or third parties.

    b. Instructions from the Organizer and security personnel must be followed at all times.

    c. Fire protection equipment and safety equipment must not be moved, obstructed, covered or otherwise compromised or misused, even temporarily.

    d.It is prohibited to

    (1) interfere with the smooth running of the event,

    (2) smoke indoors, except in the marked smoking areas,

    (3) commit criminal, disorderly or generally undesirable acts or to aid or incite others to do so,

    (4) light fires, fireworks or pyrotechnic articles

    (5) deface, damage or remove equipment and facilities.

    (6) contaminate the festival site,

    (7) carry out promotion or advertising of any kind or distribute flyers or other materials, unless this has been expressly permitted in writing by the Organizer prior to the event,

    (8) make photographs, film or speech recordings of third parties,

    (9) make recordings of the event,

    (10) bypass barriers, obviously access areas closed to festival guests or help others to do so,

    (11) urinate or defecate outside of the toilet facilities.

    e. If you are in breach of these rules, the Organizer may eject you from the premises. In this case you will not be entitled to a refund of the ticket price.

    f. The Organizer’s right to claim for damages remains unaffected.

    4. Prohibited Items

    a. Guests are prohibited from carrying, bringing and/or using the following items:

    (1) weapons

    (2) items that could be used as a weapon

    (3) drugs and narcotics – except for medicines in their original packaging

    (4) fireworks, pyrotechnic material, flares, flammable liquids and gases

    (5) poles and sticks – except where required due to impaired mobility

    (6) bulky items, unless expressly permitted via the Info section of the website

    (7) flags, posters, banners and the like – except fans’ DJ banners

    (8) individual or uniform clothing or other items intended for expressing opinions or advertising, unless expressly permitted by the Organizer prior to the event (in which case you must be able to produce written approval from the Organizer)

    (9) advertising materials of any kind, particularly flyers, unless expressly permitted by the Organizer prior to the event (in which case you must be able to produce written approval from the Organizer)

    (10) masks and motorbike helmets

    (11) electrical or other devices that can emit sound, noise, music or odors

    (12) video cameras larger than regular cell phone cameras or hand-held cameras – unless you produce written approval from the Organizer

    (13) drinks and food of any kind, unless this is required for specific medical or health reasons, in which case you must be able to produce the relevant proof.

    (14) animals of any kind and size, except where this is evidently a guide dog

    (15) other items that could be used to interfere with the smooth running of the event

    b. You can find out what items are permitted by checking the Info section of the website or enquiring with the Organizer.

    c. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude individual items on site for safety reasons.

    d. If you hand over items to the Organizer, they will be held at your risk. When holding items, the Organizer shall be liable for gross negligence and intent only. You may only collect items you have handed in upon production of the relevant receipt.

    5. Payment System at the Event

    a. At the event you pay for drinks and food using tokens available to buy on the festival site for the specified price.

    b. The tokens can only be returned during the event at the specified return points on the festival site. Token returns are limited to a maximum value of 5 Tokens / 15 euros per person. Any other form of token returns is excluded.

    c. Should the event be interrupted after it has begun and the event site be unexpectedly evacuated for safety reasons, you will receive information on how to return unused tokens via the website.

    6. Recordings by the Organizer

    The Organizer will produce photos and videos of the event and the guests and publish these on its website and in its promotional materials. By attending the event, you consent to this usage.

    7. Safety

    a. You are advised to acquaint yourself with the available and marked escape routes prior to the event or upon entry.

    b. Instructions from the Organizer and security personnel or police must be followed at all times.

    c. This is a music event. Music may, due to its volume, cause health and hearing damage. Basic earplugs are available for festival guests. Be advised that remaining in close proximity to the sound system for a long time is harmful to your health.

  • Lost & Found

    Lost something? At the show, all found items will be given to our security and stored in a central safebox at the entry. They will be kept there until Monday evening, after which they will be brought to the official lost-and-found office of the city of Düsseldorf.

    Fundbüro der Stadt Düsseldorf
    Erkrather Straße 1-3
    Tel: +49 (0) 211 - 89932 85

    For anything you may have forgotten in your locker, please fill out the form on

  • What is the event's location?

    Messe Düsseldorf
    Halle 8a/8b
    40474 Düsseldorf

  • How do I get to the Messe via public transport?

    From Düsseldorf Main train station, use the tram U78 towards "MERKUR-SPIEL-ARENA/Messe Nord".

    With your 'We Present Connect' Entrance e-ticket, you can travel free of charge return journey (2nd class) with all means of transport within the network of the VRR region.

  • Who are our international travel partners?

    We are working together with Festicket for Connect.

  • Which size bag is allowed?

    A4: 210 x 297 mm & 8,3 x 11,7 inches.

    If your bag is bigger than this, you could take a look at the luggage storage at the Airport or train station.

  • Are there any group tickets available?

    Unfortunately, we do not sell any group tickets. However, we offer a special ticket price for bus promoters. If you are interested, please send an email to for more information.

  • How do I pay at the festival?

    Our bars are running on a token based system and these can be purchased from the Festival Arena and VIP area token stalls during the event, where you will be able to pay with cash or credit / debitcard.
    Our Connect Festival Tokens are priced at €3,- each.
    Please buy conservatively as tokens are refundable at a maximum of €15,-.

  • What do I need to know about buying tickets?

    You can buy e-tickets on our website that can be paid via Paypal, credit card, giro-pay or automatic debit transfer system. Your data will be securely transferred via SSL-code. Immediately after we receive the payment, you will receive your ticket via email.

    The print@home tickets are smartphone compatible, so they can also be read directly off your mobile device.

  • What is included in my VIP Ticket?
    • Separate VIP entry, fast lane entrance
    • Free standard locker for your clothes in the backstage area
    • Special welcome and care by our VIP hostesses at the VIP Check-In and the backstage area entrance
    • Access to backstage area behind Connect Area between floor North and floor West.
    • Access to the separate special VIP stages on the left side of Floor North and the right side of floor West.
    • Extended drink offers at the backstage area (premium drinks, bottle sale)
    • Separate toilets at the backstage-area
  • What is the event's minimum age?

    Entry at Connect is for adults (18+) only. Exceptions will not be made. Expect ID checks at the entrance.

  • Is it allowed to smoke on the festival ground?

    We have several designated smoking areas outside. You are NOT allowed to smoke inside the halls or tents.

  • What is the drug policy?

    All kinds of hard drugs like pills, powders, liquids, mushrooms, but also soft drugs such as weed/hash/joints and N20 (nitrous oxide/laughing gas) are forbidden at Connect. There will be additional inspections at the entrance and inside the venue. If you are caught with drugs, your party is over and you will be handed over to the police.

  • What items are not allowed inside the venue?

    All items listed below are NOT allowed inside the venue:

    Drugs of any kind
    Weapons of any kind will be immediately reported to the police
    Drinks and food
    Bags bigger than A4 size
    All backpacks and trolleys
    Containers with liquids (e.g. perfume, bodylotion, nailpolish remover) will be immediately disposed of
    Dangerous/sharp objects, such as pocket knives and kitchen knives
    Professional photo or video equipment
    Medicine in unusual amounts (If it is necessary to bring your medication to the festival, you need to bring an official declaration of a doctor. If in doubt, our security and/or first aid will check your medication and declaration)
    Fireworks or pyrotechnic articles
    Deodorant (glass roll-ons & aerosol cans)
    Markers, permanent markers, felt pens (excluding makeup pens)
    Animals in general, excluding guide dogs
    Inflammable substances (E-cigarettes are allowed)
    Articles hazardous to health (exception: standard pocket lighters)
    Sharp items
    Selfie sticks

  • Can I get rejected upon entry?

    People who have obviously done drugs or are heavily drunk will not be allowed to enter the festival site, as well as people who catch attention through aggressive behavior.

  • Is it possible to re-enter the festival?

    Due to safety regulations, there will be no re-entry.

  • Is there free entry for the escort of severely disabled guests?

    The entrance for the escorting person of visitors who are in a wheel chair or carry a severely handicapped pass is free. Please note that some areas of the festival might not be accessible by wheelchair.

  • Will there be a coat check?

    We will offer you lockers at the festival where you can lock your stuff for a small fee + deposit and have access to it anytime.

  • Will you sell tickets at the door?

    We will have a small allocation of tickets at the door. Please be early.

  • Where can I buy Connect merchandise?

    It is possible to buy Connect merchandise during the event at the venue, or alternatively via the merchandise shop on our website.

    Webshop: Connect Online Merchandise Shop

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