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Time Warp is cashless

We are using a cashless payment system!

At the entrance, you will exchange your ticket for a free festival wristband. On the wristband you will find an RFID chip, which can be topped up with funds at various top up stations on the festival grounds using cash, credit card, or debit card. You will be able to pay for food, drinks, and merchandise using your chip.

  • Why cashless?

    The cashless solution is safer, quicker, and easier than the usual token system. It facilitates the process for us as organizers and thus also your festival experience.

  • How to Top Up

    You can add funds using cash, credit card, or debit card at the various top up stations. You don’t have to prepare anything in advance — as soon as you receive your festival wristband, you can top it up at any time on the festival grounds.
    You do not have to load funds onto your chip. The minimum amount per top-up is €10.00, the maximum amount you can load at once is €300.00. After use, you can top up your funds at any time. We do not accept American Express / Diners Club credit cards.

  • How do I know how many funds are on my wristband?

    After buying something at any booth, you can ask for your remaining balance. The staff at the top up stations can of course also tell you your current account balance at any time.

  • How does the refund of my funds work?

    By using the ID on the back of your RFID chip, you can have your remaining credit charged back to your account by latest Monday, November 7th, 2022 for a fee of 55 cents. This fee helps us cover the costs of the manual process; we thank you for your understanding. Thanks to this process, you won’t have to queue at the end of the event.

    You will find a link here to pay out your remaining credit after the festival. Please choose the menu options “cashless”, and then “refund”. You will need your RFID chip and the ID on the back, otherwise a refund will not be possible. The refund will happen via bank transfer, so please have your bank details ready.

  • How to refund?

    Refunds can be requested between November 1st and November 11th 2022, which gives you one week of time. The processing of refunds then usually takes about five to ten working days following the deadline.

  • Is there a fee for refunds?

    There is a system charge of 55 cents per transaction for processing the refund. This fee helps us cover the costs of the manual process. Thank you for your understanding!

  • How much money can I load onto my wristband?

    The minimum amount per top-up is €10.00, the maximum amount you can load at once is €300.00. If you run out of credit on your wristband, you can top it up again at one of our top up stations in €10 increments. Lost wristbands will not be replaced.

  • I purchased a weekend ticket – will I get a new wristband on the second day?

    All guests with a weekend ticket will get a wristband for the whole weekend. That means you can use your credit on both Friday and Saturday. Please do not remove your wristband after the first day! The credit on damaged or lost wristbands will not be replaced. You can of course shower with your wristband.

    There will be separate entry gates on Friday for everyone with a weekend ticket. On Saturday you can use the fast lane instead of your ticket. Please follow the signs.

  • Can I remove the wristband between the days of the event?

    The wristbands can’t simply be taken off due to the Fast Lock system. You must have your wristband on for re-entry. They are very robust and will last the duration of the event without any issues. If you nevertheless have taken off your wristband, please contact our troubleshooters at the entrance with your wristband and your ticket. Admission will only be granted as a gesture of goodwill and may be denied if the situation is unclear.

  • Will I be monitored via the chip?

    We do not create any movement profiles of festival visitors, nor do we pass data on to third parties. We of course adhere to the established data protection regulations.
    As soon as your personal data is no longer required for the provision of services or processing of payment transactions and credit balances, and there are no legal retention obligations in our way, they will be deleted.

Our cashless system is provided by PlayPass.