The Time Warp Story

Established 1994

This is our mission since 1994.

Time Warp established itself in 1994 as one of the biggest techno spectacles in the world.

The German edition of the festival is a hot spot for thousands of party people every year. Since 2000, Mannheim has been the festival's home base.

For now three decades, Time Warp has stood out globally because of its uncompromising production levels.

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Synthesis of Light and Sound

The Time Warp Signature Floor Designs

Visiting Time Warp offers a unique experience with spectacular stage designs and advanced audiovisual technology.
Innovative lighting, high production value, and crystal clear sound systems makes every Time Warp a must-visit.

Watch the Behind The Scenes
  • Meteors2024
  • LED Cells2024
  • Tetris2022
  • Patterns2022
  • Squares2022
  • Chaos2019
  • Strips2019
  • Grid2019
  • Cells2017
  • Strings2016
  • Cave 2.02014
  • Warp2012

Global editions

What started in Mannheim has since grown from a local highlight to an international behemoth.

Global editions are regularly held in cities such as São Paulo, New York, or Madrid.

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Techno. Since 1994.

One thing never changed:
Our passion for music and an eclectic booking policy.

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