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Ticket Information

Buying & Reselling Tickets

  • Is it possible to upgrade my Standard Ticket to a VIP Ticket?

    As long as VIP tickets are available you can upgrade your ticket by reaching out to our ticket customer service (Paylogic).

  • What is included in the VRN ticket?

    Your festival ticket comes with a VRN ticket for free use of public transport in and around Mannheim. It is valid in the period from the event date (Friday) to the end of the day after (Sunday).

    You can use your ticket for free public transportation within the VRN network. If you travel from a neighboring travel network, you will have to get an additional transport ticket for the respective network but only to the point where one network switches to the other.

    The name on the ticket is relevant for free use of public transportation. If the name is not matching you can not use the offer.

  • Can I return my ticket?

    The tickets are non-returnable but you can resell your ticket on your own. The ticket name does not have to correspond to the person who wants to visit the festival. But if you resell the ticket, the public transportation ticket for the VRN region voids.

    Note: The commercial resale of tickets is prohibited.

  • Can I change the name on my ticket?

    Tickets for Time Warp are not personalized for admission. This means that we do not verify the name during the ticket scan. For the free use of public transport, however, it is mandatory that the name on the ticket matches.

  • Are there group tickets?

    Unfortunately, we do not sell group tickets. However, we offer a special ticket price for bus promoter or bulk orders (min 50 persons). If you are interested please send an email to for more information.

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