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Ernesto Ferreyra & Mirko Loko

Ernesto’s crisp, seductive cuts appear on labels such as MUTEK, Crosstown Rebels, Musique Risquée, Cynosure and Memoria; remixes for Manuel Araneda, Acirne, Adam Marshall and Luca Aniston have all been released to widespread praise. Since 2010, Ernesto is a solid part of Lucianos Cadenza Family.

Mirko Loko’s passion for music has led him on an upward trajectory ever since he first started DJing in the late 90s clubs of Lausanne. Based at the crossroads of Detroit-inspired techno and the stripped-down, jacked up side of house, his music is that of diversity and subtlety, a hypnotic collage sewn together by his imagination.

Time Warp history
Ernesto Ferreyra & Mirko Loko


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