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Laurent Garnier presents L.B.S. Live

Whether "Live Booth Sessions" or "Laurent, Benjamin, Stéphane" – Laurent Garnier once again underscores his status as one of the most innovative minds in the field of electronic music with L.B.S. And this time he has really outdone himself, for something like L.B.S. has never existed before in this form. What's so special about the French trio? Well, first there is the musical genius of Laurent Garnier, Scan X and Benjamin Ripperton, bundled in a 5h Power Set. But once you take a closer look at their setup, it's really unusual. Two decks, countless synths and a stage piano – L.B.S. are definitely breaking new ground and, at the same time, closing the yawning gap between DJ and live. Sonically, the three Frenchmen are already in a class of their own, but what they are doing together can be described in just one word: Stunning!

Time Warp history
Laurent Garnier presents L.B.S.

2012, 2011, 2010

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