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Nina Kraviz b2b Helena Hauff

A Time Warp first: Two leading ladies of the techno scene, Nina Kraviz and Helena Hauff, get together for a massive back2back session. Nina Kraviz might be techno’s most divisive figure. A truly independent and musically fearless artist, her sets stand out from other DJs’ slickly synchronised, clinically pristine beats. Nina’s style is unkempt, never for a moment dull. Her sets are played fast and loose with ghetto house, old-school hardcore, footwork, trance, drum’n’bass and her favourite genre, acid. The queen of techno will be joined on the decks by Germany’s female techno figurehead Helena Hauff. In the five years since she began her career, Helena Hauff has become the embodiment of a noisy, neo-gothic imperative in techno. Her sets possess a sometimes-terrifying intensity that triangulates perfectly between acid house energy and industrial harshness. Get ready for a b2b session between two of techno’s most headstrong artists – we cannot wait.

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Nina Kraviz b2b Helena Hauff


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