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Numan & Aiba

Based in Tokyo, NUMAN has been producing visual installations and performing as VJ since 1996. Under the moniker "GLAMOOVE" he has been involved in developing VJ software "motion dive" series. GLAMOOVE's visual footage in motion dive software has been received in the international club scene to great acclaim. In 2004, GLAMOOVE was voted No. 3 in DJ MAG's TOP 20 VJs, earning him even more worldwide recognition. From 2006 onwards, NUMAN expanded his visual production to next level by performing at numerous top festivals such as Miami Music Conference, ZOUK OUT in Singapore, and WOMB ADVENTURE in Tokyo. At WOMB ADVENTURE, NUMAN has worked not only as VJ but also as an art director, in charge of top-to-bottom visuals for entire events. At the Metamorphose Festival in 2010, he performed as the exclusive VJ for DUBFIRE. With use of latest technology and expression, NUMAN has become one of the leading VJs on the scene today. After being captivated by the art and beauty of club lighting at the “Saint At Large” party in NYC in 1991, AIBA decided to become a club lighting engineer. He began working at club Mission in Tokyo in 1996, and having gained valuable experience there, he launched his career as an exclusive lighting operator at Shibuya club Womb at the grand opening in April 2000. AIBA was acclaimed by top international DJs for his excellent skills making full use of Womb’s distinctive, high-end mechanical environment, and for his skills manipulating moving lights, full-color laser systems, and liquid nitrogen smoke machines. AIBA currently works as a freelance lighting technician. In addition to his regular parties including Womb’s “O6S”, “Session”, “Trouble House” , ageHa’s “Ultra Music”, “Mother” and ”Shangri-la”, he has engaged in lighting/laser system building, configuration design, data programming, lighting/laser configuration, installation and operation for a number of fashion-related club events, gaining a high reputation as a lighting engineer as well.

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Numan & Aiba


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