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Seth Troxler b2b Tiga

Seth Troxler:
Cultural commentator, art curator, restaurateur and entrepreneur – not to mention long-time Time Warp family member and exceptional DJ. Who better to paint the musical backdrop for our return to the dance floors than Seth Troxler? With his expert blend of early Chicago house and minimal techno through to obscure indierock and ambient psychedelia, Seth Troxler will bring Time Warp to a boiling-point.

There’s always been a fertile creative tension at the heart of Tiga’s music: on the one hand he’s the underground techno don, on the other, there’s a pop sensibility that enables him to write great songs. It’s this duality that makes him one of electronic music’s most engaging characters of the past few decades.

For Time Warp BR, the combined experience of these two artists will be showcased in a unique back2back session. House music fans - don't miss this one!

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Seth Troxler b2b Tiga


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