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Solomun b2b Tale Of Us b2b Dixon

Solomun plays a major role in redefining European house music with productions, remixes and DJing by taking the very building blocks of House and deftly reconstructing them with a modern twist. A respected underground DJ, label boss and producer for a number of years, his stratospheric rise in popularity kicked off in 2012. His mastery in the art of musical storytelling, where vigour, deepness and emotion go hand in hand, is the essence of what 25YRS of Time Warp mean to us.

The Tale Of Us is one of the most exciting stories in electronic music and one that's by far not finished yet. The Berlin based duo's deep house and techno sound has captured the imagination of dance music fans worldwide. With multifaceted focus, Tale Of Us break poetic and emotional boundaries, bringing reverie and awe back to Time Warp for the sixth time in a row. Their mesmerising soundscapes and lush rhythms are set to set the tone for the most exciting night of the year. Join us for the celebrations.

Innervisions label boss Dixon is sure to turn Time Warp into a long-lasting memory again. His sets are clearly schooled on the stylistic and technical versatility and skills, attitude, stamina and experience gained from countless nights honing ways to direct a loyal crowd on the dance floor at will. Just like Time Warp itself, Dixon is not averse to using bold colours – in both a musical and visual sense. It’s a unique combination that has helped to create intimate, compelling and above all lasting memories on and off the dance floor.

For this night they all will combine forces and creative assets.

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Solomun b2b Tale Of Us b2b Dixon