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Questions & Answers

  • Use of local transport

    You can use public transport in the RNV area for free with your ticket. In order to be considered as a valid ticket, the name on the ticket must match that on your ID card! So have an ID card with you in case of a ticket inspection.

  • I want to change the name on my ticket!

    In general: For the admission it doesn’t matter which name is on the ticket! Only for the use of free public transport, the name on the ticket must match that of the traveler. You can't change the names for public transportation after the purchase. If you like to change the name on the entry-ticket because you e.g. want to gift it to somebody, first log in to Eventbrite and change the name there. To retrieve your updated tickets, you will need to enter your order number and the dates you originally purchased the ticket from Printabl.

    On Eventbrite you manage your master data. Printabl handles the dispatch of tickets.

    Change name on EventbriteGet new tickets on Printabl
  • Can you send me my ticket once again?

    If you want to download or resend your tickets, you can do so on the Printabl platform. On Eventbrite you will not find any ticket, they are only on Printabl. To retrieve the order you need first name, last name, e-mail and order number. In case of changed names on the tickets: It is important that you give the data, with which you have made the order initially.

    You did not receive any tickets? Please check your spam folder, this will solve the problem in 99%.

    Request tickets on Printabl
  • I have specified the wrong e-mail when buying. What should I do now?

    If you know your order number, then you can download your ticket via Printabl as described in the previous section.
    Otherwise you have to contact us via e-mail and we will change the wrong address in the system.

  • Do I have to print my ticket?

    No, we can also scan the ticket from your mobile display. So make sure you have enough battery and your screen is bright enough.