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  • Use of local transport

    For Time Warp Mannheim you can use public transport in the VRN area for free with your ticket. In order to be considered as a valid ticket, the name on the ticket must match that on your ID card! So have an ID card with you in case of a ticket inspection.

  • Will I be able to enter the venue if there is a different name on my ticket?

    At the entrance to Time Warp, the ticket name does not have to correspond with the name of the ticket holder. We will NOT check the name on the ticket at the entrance (exception: In case of any validation question, we will check names and purchase etc.) . However, for the free use the public transport, which is part of your Time Warp ticket, the name on the ticket must match your own name. If you have a valid ticket with the name of another person, you must buy a seperate train/bus ticket if you would like to use public transport.

  • Do I have to print my ticket?

    No, we can also scan the ticket from your mobile display. So make sure you have enough battery and your screen is bright enough.

  • What are Early Morning Tickets?

    The Time Warp Early Morning Ticket is valid from 5 AM onwards on Sunday.
    Experience 9 hours of Time Warp. Includes Public Transportation.
    Early Morning Tickets are also available as VIP Tickets.

  • Can I get a refund of my ticket?

    Unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds, so please make sure you will definitely be able to travel to the festival before you book. We make clear before you book that refunds are not possible. We also make clear that refunds are not possible in our booking conditions, which you agree to when you buy.

    The only way to sell your ticket is through the official ticket resale platform of our partner Paylogic. If a fan buys your ticket through the official resale platform, you will get 100% of your ticket price refunded. This is the safest and easiest way for you. Don't trust any other platform and beware of scammers!

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