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Amelie Lens

next time warp

After her Time Warp debut at our Brazil edition in 2018, techno phenomenon Amelie Lens will unleash her all-enveloping sound in our Mannheim mothership for the very first time. With the skill and sheer emotional engagement of someone who lives and breathes techno she embodies the Time Warp spirit like very few contemporary artists. Last year saw Amelie manifesting her stellar career, with a massive tour schedule that took her from Fabric to DC-10, by way of Sonus Festival and a myriad of stops in between. This year, she’s bringing her fierce, acid-leaning techno to our 25-year celebration. If you haven’t seen her already, make sure she’s at the top of your to-see list for Time Warp 2019.

Time Warp history
Amelie Lens

2019, 2018

Awakenings & Time Warp pres. Connect - 21st September 2019Line Up released - learn more!