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Marco Effe

Born and raised in Livorno in 1985, Marco Effe is considered to be one of the most promising Italian talents. Within an extremely short time span, Marco is raising up and managed to achieve worldwide recognition. This has mainly to do with his remarkable productions, which have found their way into the DJ cases of all international global players. His “Wet June EP” was released in November 2008 and gave him immediate recognition.
Marco Effe is without a doubt a young and extremely ambitious artist, who can already put a check mark behind most of the top ranking events and clubs in Europe, such as the Watergate Berlin, Cocoon Frankfurt, Studio 80 Amsterdam, Queen Paris, Sankeys Manchester, Harry Klein Munich and many more. The high-class labels such as Break New Soil, Cécille, Sci+Tec, Tronic, Bla Bla are appropriate for all his latest releases.
Thanks to his superb technical skills, his truly unique DJ sets, his ability to conquer every crowd with his amusing and delightful style, Marco Effe is at the forefront of today´s electronic music scene!

Time Warp history
Marco Effe