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Michel de Hey

HEY! Three letters suffice to represent the all-around carefree package of electronic music. The abbreviation stems from the surname of Michel de Hey – DJ, producer, label owner, radio host and promoter. With HEY-Musik he hosts the most successful radio program for electronic music in Holland every week and as permanent subscriber of the Best-DJ Award he is a welcome guest in every DJ booth. It is almost needless to mention that HEY! Records is also a showcase label in the Netherlands. What would be more than sufficient for any other mere mortal is not nearly enough for Michel: in 2011 he also initiated the HEY! Club Nights with renowned guests like Ricardo Villalobos or Josh Wink. On Dec. 10 Michel will certainly not take a rest and will hit the decks at the TW Holland 2011 exclusively for you!

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Michel de Hey

2013, 2012, 2011, 2009

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