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Along with the Arpiar Trio, Livio and Roby count among the flagships of the thriving club scene in Romania. Their dry, grooving Tech-House sound has made its way to the dance floors and is here to stay. After guest appearances on Cécille, Fumakilla and other top labels they have now found a home on Loco Dice' label Desolat. They use this opportunity as a launchpad for their project Premiesku, which they brought to life together with their ​​school friend George G.

After several EPs we can now finally look forward to the first album by the three. The full range of their polished production skills can be heard on "Indirect". Analog aesthetics, subtle synth sounds and wonderfully twisted melodies – what Premiesku previously hinted at in their Time Warp lab workshop "Analog Sounds" now manifests itself in an extraordinary, hypnotically pumping album.

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