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We want to make you dance

This is our mission since 1994. And there are more reasons why we believe you should dance with us.

Time Warp established itself in 1994 as one of the biggest techno spectacles in the world. The German edition of the festival is a hot spot for thousands of party people every year. Since 2000, Mannheim has been the festival's home base.
For over two decades, Time Warp has stood out globally because of its uncompromising production levels. But the main edition in Mannheim is not only an ideal location due to its unique floor designs. The yearly roster of techno artists perfectly captures the underground spirit of the scene: Titans of the genre return on a regular basis alongside up-and-coming artists hailing from blooming local scenes from all around the world.
Time Warp has since grown from a local highlight to an international behemoth. Global editions are regularly held in cities such as São Paulo, New York, or Santiago.

Time Warp acts as a nexus for the international electronic music scene: Every year upwards of 40 DJs and live acts gather in Mannheim to deliver 19 hours of party pleasures. For fans, it's a chance to see the creme of the electronic crop all in one place, making it an essential calendar date. Guests embark on a techno adventure between the different areas on up to seven floors. Visuals, lighting shows and heavy production heighten the senses for an immersive experience.

Visiting Time Warp is a unique experience altogether. An eclectic booking policy, spectacular floor designs, and audiovisual technology all merge in Mannheim. An innovative lighting design and a high production value are core elements of the Time Warp formula. Installations combine fabric, video, light, and newest technologies to fully surround the dancefloors, sending revellers on an exciting audiovisual journey. Crystal clear sound systems add the polishing touch to make the event complete. For techno aficionados it's a festival that needs to be seen - and heard - to be believed.

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